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February 11, 2009
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Swimmer of the Year Party

The big blowout is ready to ignite this coming Friday evening at Holbrook Palmer Park, Jennings Pavillion beginning at 5:30pm.  This may be the largest party that Menlo Masters has ever hosted. 

The meal, conversation, awards and entertainment will certainly be first class.  That's right entertainment.  The Bell Brothers will be playing their energetic blend of rock/country/pop to complete wonderful night for the team. 

Please rsvp using the Evite by Wednesday evening so we can plan our food, beverages and seating. I know that Sue McGlennon and John Goldman our current swimmers of the year have spent quite a bit of time preparing their presentations for the new swimmers of the year.


Killer Quad

The following are the people who will be honored this Friday night for their efforts in completing the 2008/2009 Killer Quad:
1. Keith Wilson
2. Tod Speiker
3. Scott Marshall
4. Derrick Hansen
5. Scott Ray
6. Miki Armstrong
7. Frances Reneau
8. Sam Sinnott
9. Junko Bryant
10. Emmitt Hancock
11. Gary Swart
12. Mike Texido
13. Mike Taylor
14. Alan Eagleton
15. Carl Mortensen
16. Ken Fine
17. Martin Michael
18. John Goldman
19. Sandy Dutro
20. Shelby Blackburn
21. Amy McGaughey
22. Kathy Engleman
23. Geoff McCavitt
24. Karen Parks
25. Sergie Averchenkov
26. John Collin
27. Sally Phillips
28. Joel Phillips
29. Anne Young
30. Angie Weinberger
31. Edie Heideman
32. Stacey Frederickson
33. Janice McCall
34. Sig Paulazzo
35. Neerav Berry
36. Sue McGlennon
37. Ken Plough
38. Laura Sleasman
39. Michele Santilhano
40. Blake Elder
41. Lee Katzman
42. Tina Lount-Pretre
43. Paul Lausten
44. Jana Matena
45. Tasha Capen
46. Jason Schroedle

Please let me know if you made all four swims but are not on the list.


2009 USMS Hour Swim Championships

Thanks to all who fought the big monster and won.  Yes, the hour swim is an event that sends shivers down the spine of most swimmers.

Team Results:
159,345 yards covered as a team
44 swimmers completing*
3621.5 average yards per swimmer

Individual Results:
Sandy Bardas-2625
Joan Caldwell-2675
Stephanie Couch-4325
Trish Danitz-2270
Brian Davis-4540
Bill Dawson-4325
Sandy Dutro-3710
Kelly Fero-4400
Mike Fero-4285
Ken Fine-3700
Kim Freitas-3325
John Goldman-3875
Lennard Hachmann-3625
Edie Heideman-3225
Brad Hinrichs-2825
Susan Hinrichs-2550
Mike Ingardia-5140
Virginia Justus-3470
Chris Kellerman-4575
Eric Kinney-4675
Jeff Kline 4825
Paul Lausten-4725
Steve Lesiuer-4625
Anna Lippi-2975
Scott Marshall-4670
Jana Matena-4590
Geoffrey McCavitt-3850
Martin Michael-3775
Mike Moran-3525
Carl Mortensen-3550
Chuck Ogren-4000
Ken Plough-4170
Nancy Prouty-4335
Karin Riley-3650
Michele Santilhano-3160
Judith Schwartz-3975
Katie Stimson-4000
Karen Stine-3250
John Sulzbach-3345
Mike Taylor-4040
Gueli Ugate-Wright-2620
Mimi Winsberg-3550

*If you submitted your information on your own, Menlo Masters has no way of knowing your result until the final results are posted in mid March.


Can Do February is a team tradition that has been going on for nearly 20 years.  People attempt to swim 50,000 yards in the month or even as much as 100,000 yards.  Swimmers reaching these thresholds receive gifts from the team to honor their efforts.

The "Can-Do" part of February is the important part.  For every 2000 yards swum, we ask you to bring in a can of food.  The canned food then is delivered to the Menlo Park Senior Center to supply their brown bag program which offers supplemental food stuffs to eligible seniors throughout the year.  Menlo Master then makes a monetary donation based on the number of cans collected.

This February has started off very well with great enthusiasm and effort.  Our daily attendance has increased nearly 40% and our lap swim hours have been frequented by Menlo Masters.

As a team we are competing against ourselves from last year.  Last years results were the best in team history and will not be easy to overcome.

2008 Total Team Yardage:  11,500,000 yards
100,000 Yard Club:  32
50,000 Yard Club:  114
Individual High Yardage:  Martin Michael-360,000 yards
Can Donated:  5000
Dollars Donated:  1000


Swimming Can Cut Men's Risk Of Dying In Half

A new study shows that swimming cuts men's risk of dying by about 50% compared to runners, walkers and sedentary peers...

To read the full article, please go to:


Upcoming Swim Meets

This is our 2009 Team Swim Meet Schedule

1. Blue and Gold Meet-Saturday March 7
This is our own home-grown intramural meet.  We kick off the swim meet season with a friendly time trial meet.

2. Rinconada Spring Meet-Saturday March 14
This is the first external meet of the year.  Must enter by March 11, at  This is the meet where we have swimmers competing in the 1650 fly.

3. Pacific Masters Championships-Pleasanton, April 17-19.
This is the meet that you are being trained for at the moment.  Our current base training phase will lead into our intensity phase which will lead to the competition phase.

4. USMS National Championships-Clovis, May 7-10
The Granddaddy of all masters meets each year.  This meet is worthy of a taper so you can flaunt your best stuff.  We will be attending this meet as a team.  This is the time to begin looking at this meet and setting goals.


Building Futures Now

The program is going famously.  The director is extremely pleased with our team's efforts as mentors and tutors and is in the midst of preparing for the "adoption" of an additional group of 15 kids this spring.  Keep up to date with what is going on by taking a moment to browse the January BFN newsletter at:


Guardian Angel

Eva Gottstein, a noon masters swimmer, who operated a holiday stuffed animal store, Sigikids, at the Stanford Mall this past Christmas season so kindly donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of  a stuffed animal called the "Guardian Angel" bear. 

With the help of a generous community and swim team, Sigikids was proud to donate $5805.00 to the Building Futures Now organization. 

We would like to thank Eva for her creative and generous and hard working nature.


Swim Quick

Richard Quick one of the worlds best swim coaches and a former swim coach at Stanford has an inoperable brain tumor.  This Saturday is a worldwide swimming effort to offer support and raise funds.  Menlo Masters will participate.

Join the "Swim Quick" Program

Swim Across America has created the "Swim Quick" program to involve swimmers across the country in a united effort to support Richard. On February 14th, thousands of swimmers from around the world will swim at a local pool in honor of Richard, and send warm thoughts and positive energy to him and his family.  We have also created the Richard Quick Endowment so that swimmers, friends and family can make a gift in Richard's name.