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Mid-March Update
March 15, 2011
by Tasha Capen
In this edition:

Coming Events

1. Blue, Gold and RED intrasquad meet, Apr 2 6-9am, Burgess - details below
2. Pacific Masters SCY Championships, April 8-10, Pleasanton - Online entries due March 30:
3. USMS SCY National Championships, April 28-May 1, Mesa, AZ - while not a featured team event, it is nearby! Online entries due March 24:


Blue, Gold and Red Meet

We've added a new twist this year to our annual Blue and Gold intrasquad meet. Like our February Can-DO commitment to fitness and service, the Blue and Gold meet will go "red" - as in "My New Red Shoes," a charity that benefits Bay Area homeless children by providing new shoes to students for their first day of school ( The Blue Team (last names A-K) led by Captain Barb Jones will square off against the Gold team (last names L-Z) led by Captain Carl Mortensen in two competitions:  which team logs the most races by team members in the meet on April 2, and which team donates the most shoes by April 2.

You'll find donation bins in the lobby for each team, along with team rosters to mark your donation. Please use the *donation guidelines* (link below) to  select appropriate shoe size, style and color. We encourage donations from those planning to swim (though it is not required). If you'd like to donate, but not swim, feel free to contribute to your team's shoe count. Donations are tax deductible - complete a donation card to receive acknowledgement of your gift.

The order of events and the schedule will be available soon on the bulletin board at the pool. You may swim as few or as many events as you'd like, and those who swim the 100 Free will become Speed Club members if they meet the qualifying times (Bronze, Silver and Gold standards are posted on the bulletin board and via the link below).

* Donation guidelines:

2011 Speed Club standards:


Team Results

- February Can-DO: Thanks to all who swam in February, challenging themselves to meet specific yardage targets, and making a contribution to the Menlo Park Senior Center. We are honored to continue this tradition of making a difference in many lives, thanks to the generosity of Menlo swimmers.

       Number of swimmers who participated:  232 (team record)
       Number of yards swum by entire team:  10,989,717 yards
       Total number of miles team collectively swam:  6244 miles
       Number of swimmers 50,000+ yds: 122

50,000 Yard Club  (96 members)
Allan, Jeremy           Anderson, Thomas                Arcuni, Philip
Ashman, Michael                 Barr, Cara                      Basile, Katy
Bijan, Donia            Blackburn, Shelby       Bower, Bruce
Braun, Andrea           Breen, David            Brems, Marianne
Carlin, Bob             Collin, John            Cottrell, Richard
Couch, Stephanie                Crankshaw, David                Dorsey, Michael
Dulski, Leonard                 Dutro, Cynthia          Dye, Clara
Eisner, Sarah           Farmer, Elspeth                 Feeley, Louise
Fine, Kenneth           Fine, Leah                      Folchi, Sara
Foster, Steve           Fredericksen, Stacy     Freitas, Kim
Gildea, David           Gimble, Meredith                Prouty, Nancy
Hachmann, Lennard       Huang, Lyen             Humphrey, Al
Ingardia, Michael       Jensen, Suzan           Jindra, Jan
Jollymour, Terri                Joy, Steve                      Kaloust, Scott
Kastelein, Michelle     Katz, Rosa                      Katzman, Barry
Kauffman, Jim           Kay, Ann                        Kempe, Kirsten
Kirsch, Bill            Lee, Minnie             Levy, Karen
Lippi, Anna             Lount-Pretre, Tina      Mandelkern, Dave
Marco, Lindi            McCavitt, Geoffrey      McLachlan, Murray
Medina, Dalit           Mortensen, Carl                 Most, Timi
Parks, Karen            Peterson, Rick          Platshon, Leslie
Remick, Peter           Reneau, Frances                 Renner, Heidi
Riley, Karen            Rowen, Stephanie                Santilhano, Michele
Schatz, Julie           Seeley Hayse, Dana      Shambroom, Jonathan
Shoor, Perry            Sinnott, Lorie          Sinnott, Sam
Sneed, Lorraine                 Solomon, Jeff           Spencer, Tony
Spetzler, Chris                 Spieker, Diana          Spieker, Tod
Starr, Jeff             Still, Jennifer                 Swart, Gary
Taylor, Mike            Terada, Mirella                 Thompson, John
Toukharian, Vaagn       Tupper, John            Vort, Doug
Wade, Leigh             Wahlig, Julie           Whitman, Meg
Yang, Lanshin           Young, Anne K           Zebedee, Suzanne

100,000 Yard Club  (20 members)
1       Bailey, Cathy
2       Osmond, Mike
3       Sulzbach, John
4       Coulbourn, Kathy
5       Kerr, Adam
6       Sublett, Brian
7       Bannan, Brett
8       Sheeper, Lisa
9       Matena, Jana
10      VonOech, Roger
11      Breen, Barbara
12      Burton, Ann
13      Marshall, Scott
14      Dawson, Bill
15      Terada, Keith
16      Valentic, Todd
17      Gelb, Suzanne
18      Gillon, Jean
19      Rohlen, Douglas
20      Smith, Chris

100 Mile Club  (6 members)
1       Cadman, Nicole (310,000)
2       Stietzel, Kent (310,000)
3       Johnson, Mitchell (300,000)
4       Goldman, John (190,000)
5       Michael, Martin (180,000)
6       Armstrong, Miki (176,510)

Congratulations, all!

- Year-Rounder Challenge: swim 10,000 yards in a day at least once each month. 15 people are in so far this year! Monitor their progress via this Google doc:

- Million Yard Challenge: A new challenge - swim 1,000,000 yards in 2011. Track your yardage throughout the year and record your monthly progress in this Google doc:

Next issue: January Hour Swim, Rinconada, Speed Club members and new team records.


Menlo Swim and Sport Contract Renewal

After a seven month competitive bid process with the City of Menlo Park, on March 1, a lease agreement was approved by the City Council authorizing Menlo Swim and Sport to continue to operate Burgess Pools. As part of the agreement, the operation of Belle Haven Pools was added to the list of services provided to the City of Menlo Park for at least the next 5 years with provisions to extend the agreement well beyond.

Thank you to the many Masters swimmers who supported us through this process. Coming together as a team to advocate for our love of swimming and commitment to accessible aquatics programs for the whole community has been an inspiring to experience. With that corner turned, the Menlo Swim and Sport staff are looking forward our next phase of serving the community.


Boot Camp by Menlo Fit

Looking to build strength as a complement to your swimming routine? Join other Menlo Masters swimmers at Menlo Fit-Boot Camp! There are 4 class times daily, Mon-Fri, at 6, 7, 8 or 9 am, and a Sat class 7:30-8:30 am that is FREE year-round to the community.  As a Masters swimmer, you can add Boot Camp on to your membership for a modest month-to-month fee of $35 - or only $25/month if you commit for a year.  Try out this great program to round out your weekly fitness regimen for healthy and balanced living. To sign up for the Menlo Masters pricing, go to


Keep in Touch with Teammates

Have a question for your teammates? You can access the sizable range of knowledge and talents of our team members with a single email address:

! This is a Google Group for team members Only - we have over 120 members already. You can coordinate Year-Rounder days, get advice about gear, find a carpool to a team event, see team results and so on.

Note: You do NOT need to have a Google account to use the group list (though it does make looking up past posts easier...)

If you've not yet joined, but want to, you have 2 options:
1) If you have a Google account already, or don't mind creating one, you can send an email to:, and follow the instructions provided.

2) If you want to join, but do not want a Google account, email Tasha Capen at

We still have our Facebook group as well - search for Menlo Masters Swim Team to request to join.


For Your Calendars

**2011 Team Competitions**
 - *April 8-10* - Pac Masters Short Course Yards Meet (Pleasanton)
 - *July 8-10* - Pac Masters Long Course Meters Meet (Santa Cruz)
 - *July 23* - Trans-Tahoe Open Water Relay (Lake Tahoe)
 - *September 25* - Mountain View Swim Meet (Mountain View)
 - *October 14-16* - Pac Masters Short Course Meters Meet (Walnut Creek)

**2011 Team Events**
 - *April* - Menlo Blue, Gold and RED Meet
 - *August* - Summer BBQ
 - *September* - Dynamic Duo
 - *October* - Killer Quad I (KQI) Hour Swim, ~Halloween
 - *November* - KQII 50x100s, ~Thanksgiving
 - *December* - KQIII 75x100s, ~Christmas, and KQIV 100x100s, ~New Year's